The Renewable Energy Wave


Many countries in the world depend a lot on their non-renewable energies to meet their energy needs. Coal, oil and natural gas are all examples of fossil fuels that are non-renewable. When these are used in excess, the end result would be too damaging for the environment. The financial implications too would be damaging for countries.

And so, changing situations often lead us to think drastically different as well as look for alternative solutions. Gone are the days where people did not think about Mother Nature and preserving the resources. With the dwindling supply of natural resources, there is a change in the thought process. The focus is now on energy that can be replenished and renewed. The whole world is now looking at alternative forms of renewable energy. More and more people and companies are looking for alternate energy solutions. And going by the trends, these alternative solutions are definitely proving their might.

What is renewable energy?

Any energy that can be generated from natural resources and those which can be naturally replenished is called renewable energy. These natural sources are available in plenty in nature. The most common sources of renewable energy are the sun, wind, water, tides etc.

Renewable energy is often called an alternative form of energy or green energy, as these energy sources are alternates to the fossil fuels. As the renewable energy sources can be replenished without causing any harm to nature, they are considered as green sources of energy. These are non-traditional sources and often do not damage the environment. And due to this, there is a significant usage of these forms of energy by people all around the world.

We believe that green energy is the best form of energy. All our products help in conserving Mother Nature and the fossil fuel resources. We use the abundantly present solar power and make solar panels for creating solar energy.

Types of Renewable Energies

There are different types of renewable energies present, according to the source of energy. The different sources from where energy can be harvested are:

  • Sun
  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal Heat
  • Waves/tides

This renewable energy basically provides energy in a few important areas such as electricity generation, transportation, off-grid energy services etc.

Of all the types of renewable energies, the solar energy and the wind energy are considered very important. Tapping this potential is a giant step towards preserving the fossil fuels and natural resources.

Solar energy

One of the most known sources of renewable energy is the energy from the sun or solar energy as it is otherwise called. It is a tremendous source of power that mankind has learned to harvest, in their best interests. The sun is a huge battery of power. Harnessing this energy and power is one of the best means to have something forever, without destroying the other non-renewable resources.

Solar energy is, of course, the best choice. The positive shift in the mindset of people in using solar powered batteries and solar energy panels for their energy needs should definitely be applauded. When homes are powered by solar energy, many things can happen. There is a reduction in the energy bills, there is reduced carbon footprint, and homes are made more energy efficient. By switching to solar power, we are doing our bit towards a cleaner, greener environment.

Solar energy has many benefits to its credit. It does not produce any form of pollutants. It is, by far, one of the cleanest sources of energy. The low maintenance that it requires and the easy installation process of the solar panels at homes and office spaces, apart from the energy efficiency, is what is causing many to switch over to solar power.

Even though there are a few limitations, they are not a deterrent to the followers of solar power and renewable energy. Harnessing the solar power to its maximum efficiency depends on a few factors like the location of the panels, the time of the year and the weather conditions. But, if the place where there is ample sunlight, then the energy efficiency that you can see is the maximum.

Modern technology has made it possible to harness this solar energy for our benefit. Let us use it effectively.a